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Don’t delay your divorce financial settlement. Here’s why…

Don’t delay your divorce financial settlement. Here’s why…

Contrary to popular belief, getting divorced (i.e. obtaining decree absolute) does not automatically dismiss the financial claims that you have against each other. If you would like financial certainty then I recommend you deal with these financial claims at the same time as the divorce. Recently, the Supreme Court permitted an ex-wife (Kathleen Wyatt) to make a financial claim against her ex-husband (Dale Vince) 23 years after they got divorc...


“Kate was really great to work with during such a difficult personal time… Always (the) professional, she was consistently calm and collected throughout my divorce – constantly pushing us steadily towards the finish line. In spite of the situation, we managed to laugh often, which kept me going in difficult periods. Kate is kind and understanding and thoroughly supportive.”

My Method

My approach is both sensitive and cost-effective, and I aim to work in a constructive way, to reach a settlement at an early stage of the process wherever possible and help my clients move forward with their lives. I offer the option of mediation or legal process, and decide with the client on the preferred approach.

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