What is Mediation?

Family mediation is designed to assist a couple who have separated to negotiate a solution to their dispute, whether it relates to the child arrangements, divorce and/or financial matters. It is a voluntary and confidential process involving an impartial mediator, who is neutral throughout the process.

The mediator facilitates communication between the couple, identifying potential and practical solutions, reality-testing proposals made by either person, and providing legal information.

Family mediation is not designed to replace legal advice; it is common and strongly encouraged by the mediator that each person obtain independent legal advice outside the mediation process. A mediator cannot provide legal advice and is not empowered to impose a decision on anyone or make a finding about what may or may not have happened during the relationship.

Mediation is not a form of couples counselling; it focuses on the practicalities of separation now and in the future, including the division of assets and sharing the care of any children.

Why choose mediation?

Clients often choose mediation to find creative and bespoke solutions, and greater control over the separation process compared with what can be achieved in litigation. Clients often feel empowered that they have reached a decision together rather than have a decision imposed on them. It is also more cost effective than litigation, as the clients share the mediator’s costs rather than each paying a solicitor separately. Mediation generally preserves better relationships between former spouses and partners, which is particularly important for future co-parenting, as it avoids potentially acrimonious correspondence between parties’ solicitors.


Kate’s ExperienceKate Lovegrove - Family Mediator in Kent

I am a Resolution trained mediator and one of only a few mediators based in Sevenoaks. I mediate at a meeting room in central Sevenoaks.

I am an experienced and specialist family mediator, and have also practiced as a family solicitor since 2008, representing spouses and parents. As a solicitor-trained mediator, I bring a wealth of information about the legal process and the current thinking of the family court, which provides a huge benefit to clients going through a separation. My legal experience brings awareness of the different perspectives and the common areas of conflict which arise following a separation. I believe in the benefit of a holistic approach to mediation and in a bid to understand the couple relationship better, I started a part-time postgraduate course in Couple Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy at Tavistock Relationships, London in September 2018.