Kate Lovegrove

Below are a list of some legal terms relating to financial matters explained:

Financial Remedy/Ancillary Relief – financial and property issues

Statutory MIAM – a document signed by a mediator prior to making a financial application to court.

Counsel – a barrister – a person who represents you in court.

Periodical Payments – maintenance for a spouse or a child.

Term Order – maintenance for a specified period of time.

Lump sum – a cash sum.

Property Adjustment Order – a court order adjusting the shares of ownership of a property.

Clean break – a bar to any future financial claims between the parties.

Form E – a document setting out your financial circumstances.

Form A – an application to court that begins the process of making a financial claim.

Applicant – the person who issues the financial application.

Respondent – the person who receives the financial application.

FDA – First Directions Appointment at which the judge seeks to clarify what the issues are and direct what needs to be done before the FDR or final hearing.

FDR – Financial Dispute Resolution appointment at which the judge will encourage discussion and negotiation to see if an agreement can be reached.

Consent Order – a court order made with the agreement of the parties which resolves financial issues.

Without Prejudice – offer to settle whether in writing or verbal that cannot be referred to at a final hearing but can be referred to at an FDR.  Also known as having an “off the record” discussion.

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